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TRAK is an enterprise architecture framework based on the UK MoD's MODAF 1.2.

TRAK provides a way of describing systems and their place in the world through architectural models. The elements used to make the TRAK models is defined by the TRAK Metamodel. The TRAK views that contain these elements are defined by TRAK Viewpoints.

TRAK adopts the ISO 42010 / IEEE 1471 approach where each viewpoint specifies an individual TRAK architecture view.


Release of the TRAK UML profile is under the control of the TRAK Steering Group, chaired by the UK Department of Transport.

What is the TRAK UML Profile?

The TRAK UML profile is an implementation of the TRAK metamodel. It provides the set of architecture elements and relationships that is defined by the TRAK Metamodel in a way that can be used with any general UML modelling tool. The TRAK Metamodel document also contains a simplified metamodel which shows the elements and relationships used on a single sheet for easy reference.

It does not, however, tell you what you what the TRAK architecture views consist of - what elements and relationships you must show on each view type and the stakeholder questions they address. This is defined in the TRAK Viewpoints document.

Most good UML modelling tools allow you to load a UML profile. Once loaded you should then be able to pick objects and relationships to create architecture views that conform to the definitions in the TRAK Viewpoints.

If you are using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect please visit the MDG Technology for TRAK site where you will find a tool-specific plugin that builds on this UML profile for TRAK.

Non-UML tools such as Salamander MooD can be used to create TRAK-compliant views and architecture description. In the case of MooD a template has been created for the 2010 version and is available on Sourceforge.

Where Does this Fit In?

The UML profile for TRAK is an implementation of TRAK.

TRAK is defined logically (free of implementation or solution) by 3 documents:

The definition of TRAK is released through Sourceforge as open source.

Implementations of TRAK

There are also implemementations of TRAK for various tools including:

Where Do I Get It?

The TRAK Viewpoints document is available here ...

Modification Date: March 4, 2018